Macarons vs. Macaroons

Macaron & Macaroon


Egg whites - sugar - almond meal 

Egg Whites are whipped to soft peaks.

Granulated sugar and water are set boil. Once at soft ball stage- slowly stream sugar into the soft peaked egg whites, whisk until the whites hit a stiff meringue. 

Almond meal and confectioners sugar sifted together then mixed with egg whites until a paste forms. 

The Almond meal mixture is added to the whipped whites. Once incorporated add desired flavor. 

Pipe out macaron batter onto sheet pans.


Pipe the desired filling onto the macarons and sandwich together. 



Coconut - egg whites - sugar


Shredded coconut is mixed with the egg whites and sugar and scooped out and baked.

Sometimes dipped with chocolate.