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Thanksgiving 2021

November has arrived, the crispy howl of the wind and the leaves are falling, soon enough we will be gathering around the table for Thanksgiving. 

 This year we look forward to all the Thanksgiving splendor and that includes all those side dishes we all love.   We are offering some of our favorites to add some sparkle to your thanksgiving table, 

Thanksgiving pies & sides:

Pre-order available: Wednesday, November 10th.- Friday, November 19th. 

Pick up: Wednesday 24th, 9am-7pm.


Washington Apple
Cardamom Vanilla Pumpkin 
Bourbon Pecan

Thanksgiving sides:
Let us do the prep for you! All you have to do it toss it together, bake & serve. 

Green bean casserole
 French green beans, house-made mushroom soup, crispy onions & topped with a croissant crumble.  (Serves 4).

Sourdough Stuffing
Our signature country blonde sourdough bread, house-made rich, veggie stock, mushrooms, onions & herbs. (Serves 4)

Kale Cranberry Salad
Lacinado kale tossed with our lemon tahini dressing, pickled red onion, blistered cranberries & topped with a healthy portion of parmesan.  (Serves 4)

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